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NodeJS ECMAScript Support


node --inspect ...

Can also be turned on with SIGUSR1

Node <7 - Debugger API

Node >8 - Inspector API


Connect with node inspect HOST:PORT

Debug directly with node inspect file.js

Inserting debugger; in your code sets a breakpoint


cont, c Continue execution
next, n Step next
step, s Step in
out, o Step out
pause Pause running code (like pause button in Developer Tools)


setBreakpoint(), sb() Set breakpoint on current line
setBreakpoint(line), sb(line) Set breakpoint on specific line
setBreakpoint(‘fn()’), sb(…) Set breakpoint on a first statement in functions body
setBreakpoint(‘script.js’, 1), sb(…) Set breakpoint on first line of script.js
clearBreakpoint(‘script.js’, 1), cb(…) Clear breakpoint in script.js on line 1


backtrace, bt Print backtrace of current execution frame
list(5) List scripts source code with 5 line context (5 lines before and after)
watch(expr) Add expression to watch list
unwatch(expr) Remove expression from watch list
watchers List all watchers and their values (automatically listed on each breakpoint)
repl Open debugger’s repl for evaluation in debugging script’s context
exec expr Execute an expression in debugging script’s context

Execution control

run Run script (automatically runs on debugger’s start)
restart Restart script
kill Kill script


scripts List all loaded scripts
version Display V8’s version