Snippets for yer computer needs



Handle EC2 instance

ec2 plugin installed with

knife ec2 server create "role[ubuntu]" -I ami_id -f instance_type -S knife -i ~/.ssh/knife.pem --ssh-user ubuntu --region eu-west-1 -Z eu-west-1a

Install chef on RHEL 6 using gems

Use the omnibus installer if you can!

sudo rpm -Uvh <http://rbel.frameos.org/rbel6>
yum install ruby ruby-devel ruby-ri ruby-rdoc ruby-shadow gcc gcc-c++ automake autoconf make curl dmidecode
gem install chef --no-ri --no-rdoc

Using chef-solo


json_attribs "/etc/chef/node.json"


 "resolver": {
       "nameservers": [ "" ],
       "search": "int.example.com"
  "run_list": [ "recipe[resolver]" ]
knife search -a ATTR

common node attributes

description attribute
version of chef chef_packages.chef.version
nodes’s environment chef.environment

Compile time notes

Use lazy so that the code block isn’t evaluated until execution phase.